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Riviera Villas adorned with 10 000 plants!

This spring 10 000 different plants  turned the Riviera Villas into a botanical garden.

Since January, the preparation for landscaping has begun. The concept of several zones landscaping was developed together with a specialized company and different plant species were selected according to the main concept and planting project.

Thus 6 360 plants were planted in the main leisure area, including apple trees and beautiful catalpas, 200 white and pink hydrangea bushes, 350 balls of showy boxwood.

80 maples in height from 9 to 12 m were planted throughout the residential club.

On the opposite side of the Dnieper river channel specialists are working on the landscaping of a 2-kilometer promenade area with jasmine, weigela and burgundy barberry.

And this is just the beginning of Riviera Villas changes! 🙂