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Children’s books for summer fun

Do not believe when they tell that kids do not like to read today. You just need to find something really interesting for them.

Maria Hilko, a resident of Riviera Villas, knows this like no one. After all, her book of children’s poems will be published very soon. The exact name of the book is not yet known, but we can tell you secretely that these will be poems for parents and children about everything in the world. 😉

It is great that such talented people live in Riviera Villas, and the atmosphere of the residential club is created for creativity and fresh ideas!

A poem and an illustration of Mary’s future book.

And while we are waiting for the release of the book, we have prepared for you a list of children’s novelties, presented this year at the Book Arsenal:

  • For babies over two years old, we recommend ‘Whyer’s Dictionary’, where you will find many interesting answers to children’s questions. The book will replenish vocabulary and broaden the horizons of a small whyer.
  • Children aged 3 and above will enjoy the adventures in the Mesozoic era with the book ‘Friend from Mezozoi’. Travelers will face dinosaurs and fern trees. Scary or funny? We will find out right at the very end!

  • Primary schoolchildren will like a fantasy book ‘Strange World’ that combines poems and unusual pictures.
  • For digital schoolchildren, “Ranok-Creative” developed the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” book. Pictures with illustrations by Evgenia Gapchinskaya coming alive with the WONDERLAND-AR application. When you hover over a drawing with augmented reality, a cartoon starts. The truly modern version of the book got wow-reaction of adults and children.
  • We have no doubt that Tatiana Strizhevskaya’s book “Where is ESC out of my mess?” will be interesting for teenagers. It is all about love and exams. The heroine is a girl who has to pass the exams, and at that exact, she falls in love. What is next?

This list can still be extended. Discover new breathtaking book worlds and stories with your children this summer.