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Construction technologies: legends vs history

There are many legends about Riviera Villas. Today we want to dispel the most popular of them. For example, there is an opinion that Riviera Villas has only frame construction houses. In reality, 80% of houses are built of red clay bricks. We also use Precast frame technology, design and build the HONKA ecological and functional houses, which we are going to talk about today.

The HONKA brand is the worldwide leader in modern log building technology of Finland origin.
It all started from the family business, which later became the industrial production of houses, but managed to keep a sensitive approach to each client.

Building houses out of logs is a traditional construction method that has been used in the Nordic countries for centuries. Now it’s possible to combine this healthy and ecological building method with inspiring architecture and the latest technology to create unforgettable living experiences.

Honka houses are built from Finnish pine that is sourced from PEFC-certified Finnish forests. It is a 100 % renewable and organic construction material – the perfect choice for solid wood structures.

We create the Riviera Villas houses in classical and scandinavian styles. Our residents can choose any house of modern or traditional design.  Then, we modify house according to our clients’ wishes. The construction process starting from the house foundation up to its decorating is completely ecological. As a result, the Honka log house provides a healthy living environment with organic building materials, a high indoor air quality and a warm stress-reducing atmosphere.

We were lucky to talk with our resident who has an experience of living in both brick and wooden houses. «There is a false opinion that HONKA is something old-fashioned, that all interiors should be wooden. But it’s not true. There are many advantages of living in a log house. As for me, the main one is a harmonious design and unity with nature. Just imagine: your family wakes up in a log house situated in a forest outside the city. It’s a dream that has turned into reality.»

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