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Let's go out for a walk!

It’s finally warmer on the street, the weather is calling for a walk, and your child can’t tear himself away from playing on a smartphone? We will not offer, like Bill Gates, to prohibit your children from using devices, but rather, let’s play with them!

What about a family quest? The rules are simple: draw a small map of Riviera Villas, where your home is indicated, other recognizable locations of the town (playground, pool, terrace) and the finish with a “treasure”. Then divide the card into parts and hide in these places. Only after the correct answer to the questions you have come up with, does the child receive the next part of the “Treasure Map”. At the finish, of course, the treasure will be waiting for him, and then it would be nice to show imagination;)

A new bike or a long-awaited gyroboard will also increase active pastime in the fresh air. Riding with a breeze along our bike paths or exploring sports grounds with friends, the child will be truly happy!

Imagine a family kayak race. Sunny weather, light breeze and team spirit.

Any games, even if these are board games like Django or Monopoly, do not just unite the family, but fill your life with vivid shared impressions!

Only emotional and life communication is able to compete with the capabilities of digital technologies, because on average children spend more than 2.5 hours of free time on mobile devices every day — half an hour more than a daily stay in the fresh air.

Therefore, psychologists recommend that parents take an active part in the lives of their children, without fencing off each other with screens of gadgets and TVs. Moreover, the entire infrastructure of Riviera Villas is simply created for your family happiness and health!