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People in Riviera Villas. Interview with Katerina Vozianova

The residents of Riviera Villas are businessmen and creative people! Anyone can be successful as a businessman — the prime thing is to understand the market and offer the qualitative service. We were lucky to talk with a charming and successful Mrs. Katerina Vozianova who is a vivid example of business woman.

Hello, Katia. Could you, please, tell us what do you do for life?

Since 2009 I’ve been dressing up the best men of our country in the Indposhiv handmade suits. The idea is a good taste, your unique style and lots of work. The process is magic. If our client is ready to wait, he’ll get his unique suit. This is a brief story of my business.

How many family members do you have?

Talking about my own family, there are three of us: me, my husband Andrei and my daughter-dragon Eva. Talking about the whole family, I have many members based in several countries.

Sort out priorities: job, family/home, leisure time. Which one takes the most of your time?

It’s a hard question. Everything is important for me. But, it goes so that my job takes the most of my time.

Describe your ideal week-day.

I’m lucky. There is no difference between my week-day and my ideal day! I get up at 06:00 am because of my daughter and go outdoors with a cup of coffee. Then we play and cycle with Eva. Ideally, if I have time before my work, I can take a run and swim in a pool. Then, I drive to the Indposhiv Bespoke House — one of the most beautiful places in Kiev. Every day I communicate with the best men of our country. That’s why, usually, my working day is cheerful and active. In the evening, me and my husband come back to home, devoting all our time to our child.

Describe your ideal weekend.

In any case, I spend my ideal weekend with my family and friends. If it’s summer time, the biggest part of the day we spend in Riviera Villas Club near the pool. Since last year, because of such weekends, we’ve had no necessity in summer holidays abroad. In fact, every day we have a vacation. And it’s really cool.

How did life in Riviera Villas influence your everyday success?

First of all, life in Riviera Villas influenced my mood and health — oxygen does it’s work. And it’s absolutely much more convenient over here to spend time with my child. One more notice is that I can’t work outside the city limits. I was always working at home in the evenings. This part of my working time disappeared, when I moved to Riviera Villas. Therefore, now I’m resting a lot together with Eva and it gives me more strength for the next day working activities!

Thank you!