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People in Riviera Villas. Interview with the head of sales department

Talking about business itself, it’s important to understand that the issue is not only about a successful business model. People tend to be its basis. Employees are a true face of any brand. And the most important thing is to have the passionate professionals in your team. Today, we were able to talk with Mr. Ruslan Khytsiuk, the head of sales department of the Riviera Villas. He is a positive man who has been really enthused about the project over a period of 9 years.

Hello, Ruslan. Could you, please, tell us about the beginning of your working day in the Riviera Villas?

My working day is always begging with a cup of coffee on a terrace.

Could you, please, tell us about your leisure time activities?

I work the clock round 🙂 Nevertheless, I love to spend time with my children on the territory of Riviera Villas. My job gives me a possibility both to work and enjoy time with my family. My hobbies are cinema, books and traveling. Driving my bike along the road with a magnificent view of the Kiev sea gives me a feeling of relax as well. Now, I learn wake-boarding. It’s not difficult, as you spend the most of your time near the river, having everything close at hand.

How do you think, is it really important to be passionate about things you do?

I’m sure that being passionate is the most important requirement for your success. You are able to achieve something, but if you do not enjoy what you do, it’s impossible to move forward!

What are the most important aspects of your job?

One of the most important aspects of my job is to be all the time on the subject of your product. You must be aware of what is happening on the market and be on your place. The market is too passive. Thus, you should always be ready for changes. If you don’t have a product to meet the real market demands at the moment, then your tomorrow’s “readiness” may have no relevance so far. Another aspect is a constant communication with the clients. A large percentage of new deals comes from the real clients’ recommendations. That’s why I’m always building partnership relations on a long-term basis which often develop into friendship.

What can you tell us about the spirit of Riviera Villas, can you describe it?

The project has its own soul! This is for sure! Every partner of our team put here a little bit of himself. The Riviera Villas atmosphere of relax and comfort just is in the air. After an extremely hard working day you may stay outdoor near the water just for 15-20 minutes and you feel active again.
Sometimes, it seems that this is the RV spirit which chooses the residents 🙂 Let’s call it — natural «face-control». I’m glad that people, who join us, share the RV philosophy. It means: family, good-neighborly relations, active lifestyle, sport. We play volleyball together, we sweep the river wake-boarding and kayaking, we plant fruit trees, we gather for friendly 🙂 parties. That’s unites.

Do you have any secrets of your career success to share with us today?

You should love and thoroughly know what you do: the product, client, market. You should respect people as well. Never stop to learn and improve your skills. Be persistent. Never give up. Failure is time for improving the product and your skills.

What are the most lovely places for you within the territory of Riviera Villas?

These are my house, terrace under the canvas which is near the water, swimming pool. I love forest as well where you can spend time walking, listening its silence and breathing its aroma. You can meet hare or roe deer there, and find some berries or mushrooms 🙂