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People in Riviera Villas. Interview with a beach volleyball champion

Sport is very important for all people of any age. Sport gives us happiness, lean body and good health. Don’t forget that sport disciplines and develops self-control. Any modern person is able to find some time for trainings in the most hot schedule.

Riviera Villas is not only a wonderful place to live but it’s also a big territory for sports activities. We were lucky to talk with Svetlana Baburina. She is an eleven-time beach volleyball gold medalist of Ukraine, a master of sport and our beloved instructor in Riviera Villas.

Good afternoon, Svetlana. Could you please tell us, how long have you been in sport?

It’s been for 23 years now.

Why did you choose volleyball?

Because I tried different types of sports. Aerobics has too much stretching for me. Dances has too much different poses. After swimming I realized that I was scared to sink (smiley) But when I tried volleyball, I’d understood that this is mine. I like everything about it: hazard, dynamics, team spirit, responsibility for everyone in my team.

How many times did you win in the tournaments?

It’s difficult to say exactly. Truly saying, I don’t remember the number. There were many tournaments. When you beat your opponent for the first time even without being in the first place, you still feel like a winner. It’s an achievement for me to beat my worry and support my opponent.

Why did you decide to become an instructor in Riviera Villas?

It happened absolutely unexpectedly. Ones I’ve met a couple from Riviera Villas. We were playing a beach volleyball. Then I’ve met other residents who were interested in my practices. That is how I became the instructor in Riviera Villas.

Are the residents of Riviera Villas good trainees, they are not lazy? 🙂

Yes, they are good. Sometimes, they can be lazy, but we all are human beings. I appreciate them for their insistence in practicing beach volleyball, as this type of sport is really hard to play.

How many practices on average the Riviera Villas residents have?

There are two practices per week. Of course, it’s not so much, but I think that it’s a matter of habit. Therefore, there will be more practices in future.

What do you like the most about working with the Riviera Villas residents?

Most of all I like the fact that I’m never bored. I share my knowledge in beach volleyball and they teach me the life. I follow their example and gain inspiration of how to be successful and stay a kind, polite, attentive person. Such experience is really valuable. Thus, I’m glad to be the trainer of the Riviera Villas residents!

Thank you!