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What makes a modern house?

We asked this question the professionals who are daily engaged in creating houses and interiors for their clients, including the residents of Riviera Villas.

Fedor Budishevsky, chief architect of  Riviera Villas residential club, says: «Today, a modern house is all about comfort, reliability, design, economy and technological effectiveness.» If you look at the houses of Riviera Villas, it is about house-terrace — the surrounding nature allows you to work with magnificent landform, to fit the buildings in the natural forest landscape.

дома в Riviera Villas

Style. According to Anton Malov (MALOV & PARTNER Studio), the most sought-after style in the layout of a modern house is avoidance of complex solutions. It is simple and transparent, and it can easily be called ideal — a minimum of walls, a maximum of space, air and light.

At the same time, designers say that a modern house should be a reflection of a person. Therefore, choosing the style of their houses, people more often rely on their own desires, rather than on fashion trends. Someone chooses the classics, and someone — a more concise modern style. That is why in Rivera Villas we do not impose a single style on everyone, and our residents choose by themselves how their dream home should look like.

Fedor Budishevsky agrees: “If we single out the main stylistic direction and the wishes of the client, then I would point out minimalism and modernism”. On the streets along the canal, we can observe a more diverse style of houses and landscape solutions.

Environmental friendliness. Choosing environmental friendliness, people not only move to live in country houses, but also want to use environmental materials and eco-friendly technologies there. As Mikhail Novoselsky, head of the Novoselskiy Design studio, noted: “The component, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern house, is saving and recycling resources such as electricity, water, heat, and even waste processing. Every year, state-of-the-art homes reduce consumption and increase the amount of their own resources. ”

Technological effectiveness. The use of the maximum possible technology in a modern house to get more comfort. You must admit that, it is convenient to manage a large house with your smartphone. A modern house is already very difficult to imagine without the “smart home” system, which is responsible both for your safety and for everyday comfortable things, such as opening curtains with an alarm clock or welding aromatic morning coffee.

Comfort. Mikhail Novoselsky thinks that “a modern home is a thoroughly thought out functional and, of course, convenience in every square meter of it”. At the same time, future residents of the house are not always ready to spend their time waiting for the construction and decoration of the house. In a world with increasing dynamics of life, ready-made houses are gaining more and more popularity. We implemented a similar solution in Rivera Villas and now we can offer a fully finished and furnished house!