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This is how we spent our summer days in Riviera Villas

While September is still warming us with sunny days, we are ready to tell you about our summer in Riviera Villas.

  • 32 volleyball training sessions were held with a professional coach. Over 100 games were played during three summer months. We noticed that some of the most dedicated volleyball fans were playing twice a day!
  • 50 kilograms of ice cream was eaten by children from RV. Of course, with the adults’ help (smiley)
  • 64 football matches were watched on the RV terrace. Once, our football fans set a record — 50 liters of beer during one evening!
  • 58 sunny days were spent near the pool in the company of books, wine glasses and friends.
  • We also celebrated 16 special events in our restaurant during the summer: birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. We are very pleased that you share the most valuable occasion with us.

We had a great time during this warm season: we played sports, laughed a lot, enjoyed the sun and every moment. But, especially, we are happy because 9 more families joined our Riviera Villas Club❤️

See you, summer 2019!