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Terrace as a space for creativity

In springtime, we feel like spending more time outside and breathing fresh air. Why not do it on the terrace. After all, the terrace is always associated with the ability to enjoy work or rest. Regardless of the weather and the day of the week, we at Riviera Villas know how to enjoy the time here.

1.Practice yoga on the terrace. Morning coffee can wait a bit. Lay the mat on the terrace and in harmony with nature feel, how the body is filling with oxygen, sunshine, and positive energy for all day.

2. Organize your office. While the children are frolicking on the lawn, take the computer, sit in a comfortable chair and, sipping fresh juice, watch them, without being distracted from daily tasks.

3. Call your friends to a BBQ party. Spring rain is not that terrible when there is a pleasant company around, hot steaks and grilled vegetables. Your terrace makes atmosphere and hospitality, don’t forget about it 😉


4. A dinner party or friendly gatherings on the terrace can be arranged in any weather. Decorate space with flowers and arrange a dinner party that your guests will remember for a long time.

5. The beauty of the terrace is that space can be set up to your requests. Children’s playground with hammock, play area, and swings on your doorstep. Why not?;)

And this is only 5 possible options for the terrace. That is your space for creativity. Make the most of it!