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Country living harmony

Life in modern society is full of surprises. Definitely, we are able to pay for goods and services by mobile phone. Space flights are available for tourists. Robots are used by people in different spheres of life. Nevertheless, our family still tends to be the most important thing that gives us a feeling of internal harmony and happiness.

Onrush of technology and innovations force people to change noisy metropolis for countryside life, Moving to Riviera Villas will help you and your family truly relax and get enough sleep. Fresh air gives us the deep sleep, body rest and energy!

The Riviera Villas residential club is situated not far from Kiev by the side of the Dniepr river. This is the only one residential complex in Ukraine which offers the houses both in classic and modern style as well as unique resort infrastructure. The access to open water, swimming pools, professional sport grounds will become an alternative to traditional gyms. Moreover, every runner dreams about a big forest territory under security.

Two mini-marines are at residents and guests’ service. We’ll take care of your yacht in winter and summer time. There are more advantages of Riviera Villas: kayaking, canoeing, catamaran and wakeboard.

There are also many comfortable places to mediate calmly, walk alone, cycle and rink. Bird songs and forest noise will give a feeling of harmony and peace.

Separate attention is given to security in the club village. Everything is done for a comfortable living in Riviera Villas. The professional service company will take care of your household issues 24 hours a day.

There is a Clever Kids school-kinder garden that functions in Riviera Villas for children of 3 — 9 years old. Its programs are developed to gain in-depth knowledge and personal enhancement of your child. All territory of the residential club is just created to have fun outdoors: park zones, children’s playgrounds, green lawns and nature magic.

A beach rest is an important part of the summer holidays. Here you can relax on the white-sand beaches in Riviera Villas style drinking Prosecco and reading your favorite book within walking distance from your home. There is a fabulous resort on the Riviera Villas territory providing two-level beach zones with comfortable sunloungers, showers and changing rooms.

Riviera Villas is an ideal place for living of those people who think about the future of their family, realize a value of life surrounded by nature, take care of their health, appreciate style and aesthetics.